Where can we store our live video recordings?

Ever since Facebook announced live broadcasting on the site, hundreds of millions of broadcasters have been broadcasting on the platform. In fact, in the last 12 months, live broadcasting has gone from being a niche activity to the mainstream. Our broadcasting hosts store the HD versions of our broadcasts, but not permanently. The search for …

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Green Screens – Background Removal on Live Video

What is Background Removal? Software removes your camera image background, enabling you to select an image to replace it. The software is for one camera when you have guests on your broadcast; they will also need background removal software, The software creates a virtual camera which your broadcasting system can use. The image can be …

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What Inspires You? Going Live

My first podcast of 2021. I was broadcasting live on Podbean. Facebook and Youtube. I used the Krisp software for noise cancellation, then used that as a microphone input to BeLive and Podbean. It works !!!!!! It is good to be back. as I look forward to next week’s live shows. My oomph is back …

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