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I love live video 🙂 I broadcast using BeLive Studio2

With over 1200 Live shows , a book , courses on Udemy I can help you with your Live Video streaming

I am a business video chat show host and producer on Belive tv , show producer, live video  trainer and author

My mission is to help you use Live Video effectively and promote your business or cause in 2020. I achieve this goal  via 1-2-1 sessions ,Udemy courses and producing shows for you

I am the co- author of Live Video Streaming: How to grow your business online   

I have created Udemy courses about Facebook Live , Youtube and Messenger Bots . 

I manage the Belive tv Live Video Hub . This is a Facebook page where you can watch over 180 live shows from broadcasters around the globe

As a business chat show host on Belive tv   I have hosted over 1200 LIVE shows since falling in love with the medium.  

Chat shows are networking brought to life , you can engage with people from around the world in real time . explore new topics and help people promote their business and cause.

With Tina Shang I created the ‘Be Live in Five‘ initiative for Belive tv which includes a Udemy course . 

I host shows with David Burrows on Monday, Fonz Chamberlain on Tuesday.  All the shows are on Belive tv and broadcast to Facebook

I host  the weekly show ‘Blabbing for Britain’  with Jon Upton Peter Stewart and Stephen Silk. The show is in its 330th week . 

Every second Friday is Ask Angelika with my partner Angelika and me.

I am also an open networker and seasoned marathon walker based in Wiltshire

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