An Insiders view of Five Major Broadcasting Platforms

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This week is our celebration of the power of live video. We are demonstrating five major live video platforms.

Each show is professionally produced by colleagues who use the platforms regularly. They will demonstrate the benefits of using the platform of their choice.

Monday BeLive

Tuesday Streamyard


Thursday Melon from Streamlabs

Friday  OBS.Ninja 

On Wednesday, Joe, Marco and I will talk about the Live Video Production Blueprint. This is a new framework for show producers and potential clients.

Monday Bridgetti Lim Banda on BeLive

Level-up your live streams with a remote producer.
Did you know that how we show up online can impact us both negatively and positively? A Remote Live Video Producer helps you “go live with confidence”. You can have a branded show and the freedom to connect with your live audience. It frees you to focus on delivering your content without having to worry about the technical aspects of a live broadcast.


Tuesday David Burrows on Streamyard

Live Video Production Week – Day 2 Join David Burrows from Canada as he talks about how to ‘Share Your Story with Live-streaming’ Showcasing StreamYard, a browser based live-streaming service that is simple for anyone to use.

David welcomes Kelsey Bentz from StreamYard to demonstrate its many features and benefits.

David will also be joined by Joseph Sheppard who has been using StreamYard for a myriad of shows from his global series of rugby shows to local businesses.

Julie Riley is the social media manager for StreamYard. She began working in digital marketing in 2007 and has worked in many aspects of digital marketing since that time, including working for an agency, working with Social Media Examiner, and owning her own agency in Wichita, KS before joining the StreamYard team in 2020. She is passionate about seeing others succeed in their business.

Steven Healey will also join David to talk about the Live Video Blueprint that the producers have worked on to share soon with everyone.

Wednesday Marco Novo on

On this episode of Live Video Producers Week, Marco Novo will be making a guided tour around Restream, a great tool to go live on different channels at the same time. Also, he’ll be sharing insights about how you can pick the right guests for your live shows. Stay tuned next Wednesday to watch the show and interact. Don’t forget to set the reminders! Powered by Restream

Thursday Nick Wood on Melon from Streamlabs

Live Video Producers Week ‘Melon Overview’

It’s Thursday, and today Nick Wood is guiding you through an overview of the Melon Livestream Platform. He will also be chatting to guests about having the confidence to Livestream and have fun. Stay tuned and set reminders for Thursday 4th March.

Friday Steven Healey OBS.Ninja

OBS.Ninja is free software created by Steve Seguin. I have been using the system and have been blown away by the video quality and ease of use.

OBS.Ninja uses peer-to-peer technology to bring remote cameras into OBS. In most cases, all video data is transferred directly from peer to peer, without needing to go through any video server. This results in high-quality video with super low latency. 

How to Use OBS.Ninja

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