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About the Show

German Language Tuition with Angelika Davey and Steven Healey

20 minutes of German language learning as Steven attempts to read and translate phrases on the set topic.

Of course Angelika is on hand to correct mispronunciations and incorrect translations. Join us . You can read the phrases and post your own translatio

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Ask Angelika Season 4 Episode 13 on 28th January 2022

This weeks Phrases March 4 2022

Ask Angelika German Language Tuition – Idioms and Tongue Twisters ‘O’

P1 Halt die Ohren steif!
L1 Keep your ears stiff!
T1 Chin up!

P2 Er hat Oberwasser bekommen.
L2 He got headwater.
T2 He got the upper hand.

P3 Öl ins Feuer gießen.
L3 Pour oil into the fire.
T3 Add fuel to the fire.

P4 Ohne Fleiß kein Preis.
L4 Without diligence, no prize.
T4 No pain, no gain.

P5 Ohne Knete keine Fete
L5 Without plasticine, no party.
T5 No dosh, no fun.

P6 Ohne Moos nix los.
L6 Without moss, nothing’s going on.
T6 No dosh, no fun.

PP7 Oma kocht Opa Kohl. Opa kocht Oma Kohl. Doch Opa kocht Oma Rosenkohl. Oma dagegen kocht Opa Rotkohl.
TT7 Grandma cooks grandpa cabbage. Grandpa cooks grandma cabbage. But grandpa cooks grandma Brussels sprouts. Grandma, however, cooks grandpa red cabbage.


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