Blabbing for Britain Episode 249, UK and global news review

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Join Jon, Peter, Stephen, and Steven as we discuss events in the UK in the last 7 days

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Steven is based in Wiltshire. England and works for Be.Live . He produces B4B and helps people to improve their live broadcasting. He runs the Five Days Live training and has Udemy courses on live broadcasting.

Jon Upton is a website designer, social media consultant, business video creator, and Steven co-hosts the ‘Inspired by Invideo’ series. He is based in Solihull.

Peter Stewart is a business owner (Aberkil). singer and cyclist. Expert in Pest Control | 35 years Experience | Problem Solver

Stephen Silk lives in Stoke-on-Trent and is a software developer. Stephen says, ‘Just saving businesses time & money with precision mobile business apps’



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