Broadcasting Live to your website, which software can we use? #BeLive

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What are the benefits of LiveStreaming on your Website?

The prime benefit is that you are bringing your audience directly to your WordPress website.

Whilst we watch live video, our attention is drawn to things happening around us. On Facebook, we have limitless distractions; we can read threads, comment and check adverts. We surf and muti task whilst listening to the broadcast.

When people are on your website, viewers will read your blog posts and visit your shop whilst watching your live video.

We spend our time on social networks becoming known, liked and trusted in the hope that people will visit our website. Having live video on our websites will attract an audience who are interested in our services and products.

We know from our experience on social media sites that live video is the best method of marketing.


Broadcast explaining all about website broadcasting 25 May

How does it work?

There are two sets of software needed to broadcast live on your website.

1 Broadcast Studio
There are many options for this; the studio needs to have at least 1 RTMP output.

Throughout this series of blog posts, I will be using Be.Live.

You could use OBS. VMix, Xsplit Broadcaster or one of several other desktop systems.

2 Content Delivery Network (CDN)

All the major news and video broadcasters use Content Delivery Networks to distribute their content on the web.

Until now, publishing to your website has been expensive.

Now Content Delivery Networks are an affordable business expense; prices are falling. We now have access to the tools which enable us to build an audience on our website watching our live and recorded video. Prices start at $50 per month.

Three ways to broadcast to your website

I have researched three ways of going live on your website using BeLive and tried and trusted CDNs. I will show you how to set them up and operate them on a daily basis,

These are exciting times, the beginning of a live video revolution. Join me as I explore.

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