Facebook have made changes to the way scheduled live video broadcasts work #Problems

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In the last 24 hours we have learnt more about the new Facebook scheduling system
Details are here https://livevideotraining.net/facebook-live-video-scheduling-update-we-can-now-cross-post-again/

Steven 26th September

Press play on the video for the full story

Facebook scheduling is still working well however there have been changes 

If your normal routine is to schedule then go live, there are no problems

If however your routine is to promote and edit before the broadcast , then you have to make changes to way you do things

Facebook have made changes to the way scheduled live video broadcasts work

This may affect your scheduled live broadcasts until there is an update

Scheduling still works for all platforms but the changes affect all video creators.


When you scheduled a broadcast Facebook created two posts

1 The promotional post

2 The live video post

The live video post link is the one which Belive. Streamyard and Restream give us as the broadcast link.


On the 11th September Facebook stopped creating the second post.

They now create the second post when you go live.

At this time they edit the first post by adding a Watch Now button which leads to the second post.

The problems

1 If you edit the first post it will be deleted.

It just disappears in a puff of smoke and you have nothing to share . See update

You will find the first post on your page .

Update 21 st September

You can now edit the post in Creator Studio and your changes will be saved

2 The links on BeLive , Restream and Streamyard do not work until you go live.

If people use those links before you go live they will see an error message.

The links do work whilst you are live and for the recording

3 Cross Posting
You cannot edit a post therefore you cannot cross post before you go live

You can cross post after your broadcast

Update 17th September

BeLive have made changes

They used to show the 2nd Live video link in the My Broadcasts section.

If you clicked the link before the broadcast , it led to an error page.

This has been replaced by a simple link to the broadcast page which does exist

After the broadcast it is updated with the link to the recorded broadcast

The video is on Facebook too 🙂

Update September 25th

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