How can I broadcast to my website? Steven Reviews using #Be.Live and

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This is a hands on review

I use the software described in this blog post daily in my live broadcasts.

I am speaking directly about my experiences. As I explore more, I will revisit and update this blog post.
I am on a journey to discover how to broadcast live to our websites using Content Delivery Networks. CDNs take the video feed from our broadcasting studio and transmit it to destinations we select.

How does it work?


The All-in-One Toolkit for Live Video Streaming

All in One

Castr is the only tool that you need for the best live stream experience. 
Stream, host, schedule — all in one place.

Deliver your video content anywhere. Embed videos and stream to your own website or over-the-top (OTT) platforms using the Castr Embedded Player.

Castr is best for anyone who wants to stream and host videos for any purpose, whether it’s for gaming, live church services, live TV or business conferences.

Steven's Review

System Operation and Connection

The Castr interface is intuitive and easy to use,  we can create an account and be operational in minutes. There are complete instructions for embedding the HTML 5 Web Player.

Setting up is so easy, going Live runs very smoothly.

Connection to Be.Live is easy, simply copy and paste the URL and Stream key in your BeLive Studio.

When you go live on Belive, the signal is transmitted to Castr, you are then live on the websites where you have embedded the Castr.Player,

The HTML 5 Web Player

The Castr player is the best I have seen.

The broadcasts are flawless and the ability for viewers to REWIND whilst you are live is a great innovation.

Additional Social Media Destinations.

On the base plan, which costs $50 per month you can go live on five social media destinations.. These include Facebook and Youtube.


Ease of Use 10/10

Web Player  11/10

Reliability     10/10

Low Latency 10/10 Is a reliable cost effective way to broadcast to our websites

Nick Wood and Steven review

Stevens Guided Tour of the Be.Live Broadcasting Studio April 2021 #BeLive

Take BeLive for a test drive

BeLive is the BEST way to go live with four people on-screen on Facebook and Youtube. BeLive works in your chrome browser and all broadcasts start from your desktop or laptop..



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