How can I increase my live video audience? What is RTMP?

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What is RTMP?

RTMP is a method of transferring video, audio and data from one place to another.
In terms of live video, this means that our live video can be broadcast to any destination which accepts RTMP.

RTMP was developed by Macromedia whIch is now part of Adobe. Adobe released part of the system so that it can be used freely by anyone. RTMP has become an industry standard to data transmission.

To read about the background of RTMP visit

Major destinations are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Twitch and Content Distribution Networks.

Creating an RTMP Stream is straightforward

To create an RTMP stream we need two details.

The RTMP server and the Stream Key. Both of these are found on the destination site.
We cannot schedule an RTMP broadcast and therefore there is no title, image or broadcast description.

When you go live in your Studio, you will broadcast live to the destination

Steven talks about RTMP and CDNs

What are Content Delivery Networks [CDNs]?

Content Distribution Networks (CDN) accept the RTMP feed from our studio and then relay it to multiple destinations. There is no extra load on your computer, the CDNs take one signal from your RTMP feed in your studio and handle the distribution to the destinations you choose.

I am exploring the CDNs at the moment, not only do they broadcast to social media destinations they can broadcast to your website. To do this they need to include an HTML 5 Web Player which you can embed into your website, either on a page or a blog post.

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Live Video Content Delivery Networks #CDN

Exploring the ways in which you can bring live video to your website.

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Real-time & Pre-recorded streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Steam & 40+ Platforms |

Real-time or Prerecorded Scheduled Live Streams to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Steam, Periscope, Vimeo, etc.

The benefits

The sites I have explored include OneStream,, ViLoud and Switchboard.Live. They vary in the services they provide. Until recently using a CDN was costly, however, prices have fallen and using them as part of a business marketing strategy is more cost-effective than advertising.

The maximum number of destinations you can reach with each live broadcast is determined by the CDN. I can broadcast to 8 of my  Facebook Pages, 7 of my Facebook groups, Twitter, Twitch and 8 pages on my websites. Whilst this does not guarantee a large audience, it is a great place to start.

We network daily on Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin, we do this to attract an audience and become known, liked and trusted. We hope that people will visit our website.

Broadcasting live on your website turns that hope into a reality, you are bringing your audience directly to the site. Whilst they are watching your live video, they will read your blog posts, discover more about your services and products and visit your shop,

Every destination you broadcast to increases your reach, the number of people who can see you live broadcast.

My Reviews of Content Delivery Networks

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