How to broadcast to a Facebook Live Event. What is RTMP?

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How to setup the event

Steven demonstrates how to create a Facebook Live Event and link the event to your Be.Live broadcast.

What is RTMP?

The Event

The event is embedded from Facebook and will not be visible until after the event starts.

The event is due to start at 10 am EST on 28 the June

The Be.Live RTMP facility is currently in beta testing.

The advantages of Facebook Live Events

1 The link to the event is fixed and can be used to promote the broadcast,

When we schedule a live broadcast to Facebook, the live video post is not created until we go live, making it difficult to promote.

With Facebook Live Events, the video post is created as soon as we complete creating the event.

This means the Link for the broadcast is fixed and we can promote widely.

2 Live Video Events can be boosted before the event.

A scheduled live broadcast cannot be boosted before it starts.

We can use paid advertisements to promote Facebook Live events as soon as we have finished creating them.

3 We can invite friends to watch the broadcast on the LIve Event Page

Before we go live, we can invite FAcebook friends and contacts to the live broadcast.


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