How To Nail Your First Stream With No Hassle

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The Joy of Live Video

It is virtually impossible to capture the power of live broadcasting in a written blog post.
There is the nervous anticipation just before you go live,  the desire to tell your story and drama that unfolds during your broadcast,

The stage is ours. During the live broadcast, we can perform on our stage. We totally engage our audience with images, videos and our presence. There is a thrill to live storytelling.

The audience becomes involved in your production. Viewers write comments, and you display them on screen. Lively discussions take place; Your audience ask questions, you answer them.

You are the producer and star of the show.  We all love storytelling, and live video is the most effective way to share our passion and enthusiasm.

We all have a story to tell; the world is waiting to hear it.

Our main reason for going live is to tell our stories to a live audience, to interact with them and produce an educational, informative and entertaining experience for everyone involved.

No matter the topic, it is our ideas and thoughts which are unique. We are storytelling from our point of view. You have a fantastic story to tell based on your own experiences.

How can you get started?

Broadcast in private to build your confidence.

Start a new Facebook group and invite one friend.

Broadcast into the group with your friend watching live. They are going to be supportive and offer constructive criticism. Listen to what they say, especially about your presence on camera and the way that you sound,
Go live with just your friend watching until you being you feel comfortable on screen. Broadcasting to friends is an ideal opportunity to build your confidence on camera.

Ask two more friends to join you in the group. Go live again, ask for their feedback. Listen to their comments and adp{t the suggestions they make,Invite four more friends, ask one of them to join you on screen
The main thing is to become accustomed to appearing on screen and build a support group.
When you go live in public for the first time, your team will be there to cheer you on.

When you go live publicly for the first time, you are not alone, for you have built a team to help you,

Know your story and plan your broadcast

One of the purposes of going live is to share your expertise; You need to have confidence in your knowledge. In other words, know your topic.

You have rehearsed some of your content in your private group; now, you can build on it by creating an agenda,
The agenda should be a list of the talking points you are going to cover during your broadcast,

It does not need to be a long list; just jot them down. You can use the BeLive Agenda feature so that they are available to you during your broadcast,

Be a guest on a broadcast

You have prepared to tell your story, and you know exactly the topics you are ready to discuss.
Before going live solo, you can get more practice by being a guest on someone else’s broadcast,

As broadcasters, we are always looking for guests. Post in the BeLive Streamers Community on Facebook saying that you are available to appear as a guest talking about your chosen topic.
When you are a guest on a show, the production is managed by the host, and you can concentrate on telling your story.

You are actively building awareness of your expertise. Sharing your knowledge freely with others is an essential step in building your brand.

Live broadcast in the BeLive Streamers Community

I can remember my first broadcast from 6 years ago. It was a journey into the unknown; how would I look on live video?

I was full of questions, and most of them have been answered over the years. Now I look forward to every broadcast. What Changed?

In this live video exclusive to the group, I will share the journey my friends and I have made.  There will be hints, tips and tricks to help you enjoy your first broadcast.

We know that you will do a second, then a third and many, many more when you enjoy your first broadcast.

The Recording


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