The Power of Repurposing Live Video by Steven Healey and Nick Wood

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You can watch Steven and Nick live in the Be.Live Streamers Community on Tuesday at 12 pm EST 5 pm BST

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We are both looking forward to the broadcast and invite you to join us.


You have just enjoyed broadcasting on Be.Live to an engaged audience. The show was educational, informative and fun; you could engage with your audience in real-time. Your audience became participants in the live broadcast.

You have also created content worthy of a wider audience; going live is the beginning of the journey, not the end. There are several ways to use the recording of your broadcast; you can repurpose it. The show recording can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business or cause.

Create snippets using the Be.Live video editor

Using the Be.Live editor; you can quickly and easily create segments of your show. Each snippet is a self-contained clip, which tells one of the stories featured on your show.

If you use countdown clocks in your broadcast, you can edit the recording and download it.

Clock removal makes the video different from the original; you can now upload it to Facebook. When you finish editing your video, you can download a copy.

Different stories told in each broadcast; you can edit the video to download each story. 

Step by step instructions on editing and downloading a video from BeLive.

Writing Blog Posts

Writing a blog post before or after a broadcast will reach a wider audience; you can promote an upcoming broadcast or the recordings afterwards. If you have recorded several broadcasts on one topic, you can embed all the videos in one blog post.

If you blog at the same time each week with your content, readers will look forward to reading them at the same time. You can expand on the topics covered in the video to give blog readers something extra.

This blog post is promoting today’ broadcast in the BeLive Streamers Community. After the broadcast, I will edit the blog post and embed the show recording.

Facebook and Youtube Premieres

On both Facebook and Youtube, you can upload videos and set them as Premieres.  Both companies give greater reach to premiered videos.
Download your video from BeLive ( or use the BeLive Video Editor) and then upload it to Facebook and Youtube.Schedule a time at which they will play; when they play, you can be in the audience and respond to viewer comments.

The options above only require an investment of your time; the two options below are chargeable. There is currently an Appsumo lifetime deal for Viloud; this means no monthly charges.

Multi-Channel Replays using OneStream

Before today’s broadcast, I used OneStream to broadcast a BeLive editor snippet to 24 social media presences on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, and my websites.

Upload your recorded video to Onestream, add the title and description, schedule a broadcast date and time, select the social media sites and RTMP sites on which you want to broadcast.

Please remember to add ‘This is a recording of’; this meets the terms and conditions of the social sites. Your Onestream broadcast will broadcast live, though.

At the appointed time, Onestream will automatically start all the broadcasts.


Create your own TV Channel using ViLoud

ViLoud uses your Youtube playlist to create a television channel.

Meet Viloud, the easiest and the most affordable online video platform for creating and streaming your own live, linear and on-demand web TV channels.

There are two options.
Video on Demand Channel – viewers can select which videos to play.
Linear Video Channel         – viewers will watch your channel as if watching tv, each of your Youtube videos will play at a fixed time each day,

Viloud provides an embed code for the HTML 5 video player that you can add to a website page or blog post.
I have been using ViLoud for the last three weeks; I have created channels for each of my weekly broadcasts. I wrote a blog post for each of the shows and embedded the video.
Viewers can now watch our content whenever they like and discover more about the team.

I am also creating channels for friends.


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