My week on Youtube broadcasting with friends on Be.Live

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Networking on Be.Live with friends

I enjoy live broadcasting, meeting and chatting with friends and connecting with viewers around the globe.
There is nothing like it, for forging long-lasting friendships,

I am very fortunate to co-host with Nick Wood, Fonz Chamberlain, Jon Upton, Peter Stewart, Romany Thresher, Marco Novo, Harper Peterson and Angelika Davey

Monday, Be Live on Youtube with Nick Wood

Hosted by Nick Wood and Steven Healey

This broadcast is all about Youtube.

If you would like your BeLive Youtube video to be featured then message Steven or Nick.

We will be showcasing 4 Youtube videos created by BeLive Users.

In each broadcast, we will be sharing hints, tips, and tricks that can help you grow your Youtube audience.

To watch any of the videos please press the PLAY button

Monday, with Fonz Chamberlain

Building to Our Community , adding one new group member at a time

Hosted by Fonz Chamberlain and Steven Healey

We now have our own independent network housed on Mighty Networks

Anything can happen !!

Tuesday, Live Q and A with Steven, the problems of scheduling Facebook live video posts.

My weekly broadcast about BeLive and Live broadcasting

If you have questions about any aspect of live broadcasting, I will do my best to answer them.

You may also join me on-screen – type guest in the comments.

Join me today 🙂

Thursday, Blabbing for Britain with Jon and Peter

Blabbing for Britain Episode 253, UK News-Review and Stories

Join Jon, Peter and Steven as we discuss events in the UK in the last 7 days

Our Facebook page 

Thursday, Inspired by Invideo with Jon

Inspired by Invideo Season 1 Episode 54,  business video creation.

We are live in the group again 🙂

Marketing video creation Jon Upton and Steven Healey invite you to join us on our weekly show.

Send us links to your Invideo videos on Youtube and we will play them in the broadcast  

Facebook group


Friday, Ask Angelika with Angelika and Steven

Ask Angelika German Language Tuition – Schuttorf

German Language Tuition with Angelika and Steven 20 minutes of German language learning as Steven attempts to read and translate phrases on the set topic

Of course, Angelika is on hand to correct mispronunciations and incorrect translations

Angelika’s website

What do I do on Wednesday? Have fun exploring other systems of course

Testing OBS Ninja with Romany Thresher and Peter Stewart

Peter and Romany volunteered to help me test the software.

You can read about OBS Ninja here

Tracking the progress of with Marco Novo

This video is on Marco’s new Youtube channel. Link

We take it in turns to host broadcast and are joined by Harper Peterson


Finally, creating videos about Be.Live

How to play copyright music for which you have the license.

The blog post with more details

A step by step guide.

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