Showcaster Countdown Clocks

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Countdown clocks are used at the start of a broadcast.
They are one minute long and in that minute :

A your audience will arrive

B If you are connecting to several platforms , all connections will be operational

C You can make last minute preparations.

D You can share and promote the live broadcast

A series of colourful FREE countdown clocks to play at the start of your broadcast , there are now 30 to choose from.
Thank you to friends who are using the videos to start their broadcast ❤
Each week on Sunday I will release 6 new videos . you may use the videos unaltered in any of your broadcasts.
You can download from Vimeo or play direct in your broadcast using the Youtube link
If you want to help promote the countdown clocks. please share the video.
The countdown clock is part of Showcaster, a broadcast manager system due for release early Q3 2020
Created by combining my software with Invideo  All the music and video footage is licensed by Invideo

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