Reach more viewers broadcasting live, Live Video Syndication

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The beginning of a new live video adventure, Live Video Syndication


You spend a great deal of time creating content that is interesting, informative and entertaining. Would you like your live videos to be watched and appreciated by more people? Do you want to reach out to the world?

Syndication enables you to broadcast to more social media pages to reach more people whilst you are live.

What is Live Video Syndication?

Live Video Syndication enables us to broadcast live to multiple destinations.
The release of Facebook Live started the first live video revolution; we can now be pioneers in the second video revolution, relaying our content to multiple video sites,

There are three elements to syndication. Our broadcast studio, the content delivery network and an embeddable HTML 5 video player,

The Broadcast Studio

We can broadcast from live video studios, which can provide an RTMP feed.
RTMP can send our video, audio, and data stream to a third-party Content Delivery Network. They will then transmit it to many destinations.

Currently,, Streamyard and Melon have this ability. Also OBS, Vmix and Xsplit Broadcaster.

We create our broadcast using their studios, and our broadcast is transmitted via RTMP to a Content Delivery Network.

Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network receives the feed from our live broadcast and transmits it to the selected destinations.

Using this technology, we can be live on up to 30 social media destinations. We set up the routing before the broadcast.

Until now, CDNs have been expensive for solo broadcasters and small businesses. This is now changing; new cost-effective CDNs are delivering high-quality services in Full HD.

Amongst these are Switchboard,, OneStream and

Broadcasting to your website

Broadcasting to social media sites is excellent. Each location provides you with a ready-made audience, All you need to do is to broadcast live, and people will come to watch you. Take good care of your audience, and they will return to watch you again and again.
We know that viewers visit other pages whilst listening to our broadcast.

One of the purposes of this is to become known, liked and trusted. People will then visit your website to read your blog posts or visit your shop.

When you live broadcast direct to your website, viewers will watch and listen. They will also surf your website.  They will read your blog posts and visit your shop. You are building the traffic on your website, not just for the live broadcast but for the replay too.

To broadcast on your website, you need a Content Delivery Network that provides an embeddable HTML 5 video player. You embed the player into your website; your live video will play whenever you broadcast.

At the moment, OneStream and have an embeddable player; Switchboard have one which is in Alpha testing,

Upcoming training.

In April 2021, I am exploring and explaining how you can benefit from Live Video Syndication. There will be live sessions, recorded training videos and website broadcasts,

Broadcast from SwitchBoard to Youtube 26th March

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