What Drives and Motivates You ? Where does your inspiration come from ?

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These are two questions I have been asked recently.
In this podcast I will start to answer them.
In doing this I will mention my upcoming projects.
Podcast Interviews
I have long wanted to record interviews with people I meet on my journeys.
To achieve this I needed a recording studio in which two people
can meet and chat.
Now I have a cost effective solution .. Soundtrap https://www.soundtrap.com/
Live Video Production Blueprint
When you want to promote your company, product or cause there is nothing better than going live . Perhaps on Facebook or Youtube or both.
It does take a certain level of expertise to do so effectively. One option is to hire someone to produce the broadcast. This gives rise to to questions
A What services should a producer offer and what cost ?

B What should buyers of these services expect ?


From Broadcaster to Podcaster

Since Facebook announced Facebook Live miilions of people have gone live.

During that time they have honed and practiced their broadcasting skills.

How can they transfer those skills to podcasting?


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